Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Pirate, A Crime Thriller

“—a flotilla of Coast Guard ships forming an iron curtain across the Florida Straits and the Gulf of Mexico, have apprehended twenty-eight drug runners and seized more than seventeen tons of marijuana and cocaine—”

The Pirate is a sea story about a Coast Guard sailor who gets involved in crime.  It takes place in Key West, Miami and Puerto Rico.  This story is written by Malcolm Torres


Part I:  The Traitor (Free on:  Amazon - iBooks - Nook - Smashwords)

Coast Guard deckhand Jack Turner discovers how easy it is making money on the wrong side of the law.  Just as he’s about to buy a sailboat with a bundle of ill-gotten cash, his ex-girlfriend Wendy re-enters his life.  And guess what?  Wendy says she’s having Jack’s baby.

The characters in The Pirate by Malcolm Torres go wind surfing in Key West

Part II:  The Kingpin  (Available on:  Amazon - iBooks - Nook - Smashwords)

Jack Turner is being torn apart when the Coast Guard loans him to the DEA for a sting operation in Puerto Rico, and a murderous Miami drug kingpin threatens him with blackmail.  Will Jack live long enough to see Wendy and their soon-to-be-born child?

In The Pirate by Malcolm Torres, the Coast Guard seizes large quantities of illegal drugs while on patrol off the coast of Key West.

Part III:  Big Daddy (available March 2018  Amazon - iBooks - Nook - Smashwords)

Jack Turner’s life is at stake,along with the lives of his best friend, his girlfriend and their new-born baby.  Threatened by a Miami kingpin, Jack must choose between a life of crime that produces large stacks of dirty money or settle into clean living with a wife and child.

In The Pirate, a sea story by Malcolm Torres, the main character goes on a sailing trip between Grand Cayman and Key West, Florida.

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Malcolm Torres is the author of original sea stories and nautical novels.