Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sailor Tattoos

I'm always thinking about getting some ink.

What I want is a triptych on my back.  In the middle is a big heart with Mom on it, and around the outside the names of my kids and their birth dates.  To the left of the heart is an anchor with the letters USN emblazoned on it, and to the right of the heart is Jesus's face.  He's looking up and his hands are clasped in prayer.

If you know the right artist to do this tattoo for me, please post a name and location or website link in the comments below.

Until I actually get around to having my tattoo done, I will be surfing websites looking for inspiration.  Below are a few tattoo pics I've collected over the years, that I find inspirational.

All credit and much respect to the people who wear these tattoos and to the artists who created them.

When I was a kid, I remember my Uncle Dick, who had been in the Navy.  He had a tattoo of a hula girl on his forearm.

Quyen Dinh (QD) is an artist in LA.  I love all her work, especially her nautical stuff.

I could do a big tattoo like this, because it tells a sea story like any good sailor tattoo should.

There's a lot of raw power in tattoos on the hands.  This is a hearty sailor for sure.

This sailor tattoo is channelling HP Lovecraft.  I could do something creepy like this on the back of one of my legs. 
I don't know if I would get a mermaid tattoo, but I really like looking at them.

I hope you enjoy these tattoos.  Personally, I find inspiration for the tattoos that I will get someday by looking at great tattoos like these.  Tattoos also inspire me to write sea stories which I do all the time.

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