Nautical Fiction

Nautical Novels and Sea Stories

by Malcolm Torres

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The Pirate, Part I:  The Traitor

When Jack Turner was arrested for stealing a car, the judge gave him a choice: Two-years on probation or join the military. Now Jack is aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Almayer, 45-nautical miles south of Key West, Florida, standing watch as a lookout, searching for illegal aliens and drug runners.  Available FREE on all eReaders:  Amazon KindleApple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook and Smashwords.

Look for The Pirate, Part II: The Kingpin, and Part III: Big Daddy in 2017.

Sailors Take Warning, A Novel

The USS Nimitz steams toward the equator where her crew of 5,000 women and men will hold an ancient hazing ritual. But something is wrong aboard the ship.  Bodies have turned up missing from the morgue and several jets have been sabotaged on the flight deck. Can first-responder Kate Conrad and deckhand Terrance McDaniels figure out what's wrong before the ship crosses the Golden Line? And if they do, will their superior officers listen to them and prevent a disaster at sea?  Available on Amazon.

Sailors Delight, A Novel

When his ship leaves Hawaii for war in the Persian Gulf, Marlow stays behind on medical hold and discovers a cure for his post traumatic stress: Party all night and surf all day, that is when he's not at the hospital where military doctors examine his head and his heart.  Available on Amazon.

Free on all eReaders.  See links below.

Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story

Sixty-four days from now, Senior Chief Brendan O'Reilly will retire after 30-years in the US Navy, but today he's working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier—the most dangerous 4.5 acres on the planet. Today, he has to stop daydreaming about visiting National Parks with his lovely wife, Diane, in their new motorhome. Today, Brendan O'Reilly has to focus on keeping himself and his shipmates alive.  FREE on all eReaders - click here.

Shark Tooth Rosary, A Sea Story

Christopher Marlow spends his free time in the ship's library flipping through a book entitled The Geography of the Philippines. The glossy pictures of tropical beaches, rice paddies and erupting volcanoes makes him daydream about taking a grand adventure when his ship reaches it's next port of call, Subic Bay, in the Republic of the Philippines. When the ship finally drops anchor, he heads for the bus station, determined to discover the mysteries of the Orient for himself. There's only one small problem; in order to get to the bus station, he has to walk past a mile-long strip of bars and cathouses.  Available on Amazon.

Back to the Philippines, A Sea Story

Pat arrives in Subic Bay after ten weeks working on the flight deck out on the South China Sea. Rather than head to the bars with his shipmates, Pat has a plan, one that will earn him thousands of dollars. All he has to do is smuggle some illegal contraband back to the states.  Available on Amazon.

Making Peace with Japan, A Sea Story

This funny story follows three young sailors off the USS Enterprise as they come ashore in Sasebo, Japan and are greeted by thousands of anti-nuclear protesters. After weeks at sea, the sailors only want an exotic meal and a cold beer, but this port visit turns into a reckoning with history after they meet some friendly locals and find themselves Making Peace with Japan.  Available on Amazon.

All of these books are original works of fiction by Malcolm Torres. They include Sea Stories, Nautical Fiction, US Navy and US Coast Guard Sea Adventures and Suspense Thrillers.  Read a sea story today.